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December 11, 2019  

Episode 5 - The Young Surveyor’s Network Edition - NHLSA Young Surveyor discusses Mount Tecumseh Project

December 11, 2019

This episode will introduce you to our latest series of discussions simply named “The Young Surveyor’s Network Edition” and will feature many aspects of millennial survey professionals and technicians. Our guest is Eric Salovitch, Chair of the NHLSA Young Surveyors, discussing their recent project to determine the elevation at the top of Mount Tecumseh, a peak in the Sandwich Range of the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

Recent aerial surveys using LiDAR technology was used to determine the peak was 3,995 feet, not the 4,003 feet previously determined by the United States Coast Survey in the mid 1800’s. This new elevation determination puts the peak at risk of being dropped off the famed 4,000 Footers list within New Hampshire.

Eric and his fellow NHLSA Young Surveyors set out to measure the peak using modern surveying equipment and methods to confirm the elevation. This episode talks about how the Young Surveyors began and conquered their quest of Mt. Tecumseh.