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July 20, 2022  

Episode 132 - Surveyor Says catches up with the NSPS Trig-Star Committee

July 20, 2022

This week’s episode of “Surveyor Says!” The NSPS Podcast catches up with the NSPS Trig-Star Program Committee as they complete their summer meeting. This session finds Tim Burch sitting down with the group during a break of test grading and strategic planning for the upcoming school year. Joining Tim is the Trig-Star Chair Jerry Juarez, Aaron Leach, John Chagnon, Mike Given, and Sherry Toutges to talk about the value of the Trig-Star program as a recruiting tool and outreach program to help students identify STEM-related careers. They also discuss scholarship opportunities and how the program gives our existing surveying practitioners an opportunity to connect with our future geospatialists.

The Trig-Star program has been in place for almost 40 years and continues to grow. Check out more information about the program at Trig-Star.Com. Thanks for listening to “Surveyor Says!” The NSPS Podcast and subscribe wherever you listen to your audio selections.