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September 30, 2020  

Episode 46 - On this “Point of Order” episode Curt Sumner is joined by JB Byrd and John Palatiello, about issues effecting the surveying profession during this extraordinary time.

Surveyor_Says_Legislative_Episode.png NSPS Executive Director Curt Sumner is joined by NSPS Lobbyist John “JB” Byrd and our legislative consultant, John Palatiello, for conversation about issues effecting the surveying profession during this extraordinary time. Lots of great insight from our legislative group on this “Point of Order” episode. Thanks for listening!
September 16, 2020  

Episode 44 -NCEES Director of Exam Services Tim Miller talks with host Curt Sumner.

NCEES Director of Exam Services Tim Miller talks with host Curt Sumner about the purpose of the organization, his role there, the variety of services provided by NCEES related to licensure, and the evolution of the exam process.

September 9, 2020  

Episode 43 - This episode features our host Tim Burch and guest Trent Keenan, PLS and founder of his own firm in Las Vegas.


This episode features Trent Keenan, PLS and founder of his own firm in Las Vegas. Your host, Tim Burch, recently sat down to discuss Trent’s introduction to surveying in high school, the variety of places he has completed boundary work, and how starting his current business led to giving back to the profession. He also talks about getting involved with “Get Kids into Survey” and how becoming an animated character helps connect with kids about our great profession. A great conversation and wonderful example of surveyors giving back in this “Future Focus” episode of “Surveyor Says!”

September 1, 2020  

Episode 42 - Join Host Tim Burch as he talks with Denver Winchester, YSN President, on how he was introduced to surveying.


This episode covers our recent conversation with Denver Winchester, PLS, our current NSPS Young Surveyor President. Denver sat down with Tim Burch, NSPS President-Elect, and they talked about how Denver was introduced to surveying, the varying types of projects in Oklahoma and surrounding areas, and what he is focused on during his presidency of the Young Surveyors and beyond. They also discussed surveying in a pandemic and how to make the profession more accessible to those who may be interested in a fascinating career. Thanks for listening to the viewpoint of the future of the profession here on “Surveyor Says! the NSPS Podcast.”

August 26, 2020  

Episode 41 - Samuel J. Smith III shares his story with host Curt Sumner.


Inspired by the instructors within the program where he was pursuing a degree leading to a professional career in Surveying, Samuel J. Smith III determined that he would use his talents and knowledge to follow in their footsteps. He shares his story with host Curt Sumner in this Episode of “Surveyor Says”.

August 19, 2020  

Episode 40 - Join Curt Sumner’s discussion with Zach Gooch - Archaeologist turned Surveyor!


Join host Curt Sumner have an interesting discussion with Zach Gooch.  Zach talks about his transition from Archaeologist turned Surveyor!

August 12, 2020  

Episode 39 - Join host Curt Sumner kick off our new Series - Get to know your NSPS Directors. He is joined by current WI Director, Dick Kleinmann


In the first Episode of the series “Get to know your NSPS Directors” Curt Sumner talks with Dick Kleinmann, NSPS Director representing the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors. This series will provide insight into the fact that NSPS leaders are “just like other Surveyors”, and have chosen to dedicate time to help guide our national society in its endeavors on behalf of the profession.

August 5, 2020  

Episode 38 - Join host Curt Sumner and Steve Allison, Certified Landscape Architect.


Based on his experience as a Certified Landscape Architect, Steve Allison provides a strategy for use by Surveyors in identifying the various species of trees, and tips related to variations within species.

July 29, 2020  

Episode 37 - Join host Curt Sumner and guest Tim Burch, NSPS President Elect, discuss how surveying remains an essential service during the pandemic.


Curt Sumner and Tim Burch discuss how surveying remains an essential service during the pandemic of COVID-19, the importance of maintaining a national voice and advocacy for the profession, and efforts nationwide for surveying to embrace diversity in our future workforce. Tim shares how the association transformed the successful “NSPS Radio Hour” into “Surveyor Says! The NSPS Podcast” and how its popularity has exceeded expectations.

July 22, 2020  

Episode 36 - On this “Future Focus” join host Tim Burch and Emily Pierce, Business Development Director for Berntsen International.


Today’s “Future Focus” interview is with Emily Pierce, Business Development Director for Berntsen International, an industry leader in survey markers and a sustaining member of NSPS. Emily shares her experiences and challenges as a professional land surveyor in the public and private sectors, and offers advice to newcomers to surveying on what to expect in this great profession. She also shares information on new products from Berntsen, including RFID markers designed to work with GIS. Thanks for listening to “Surveyor Says! The NSPS Podcast.”

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